Monday, May 12, 2008



Jay Bruce is soon to be recalled. Of course, Dusty Baker is the source, which means that he may actually be referring to Cody Ross. In deep leagues, go get him. He's probably owned in NL-only leagues already.

Chris Iannetta was a throw-away mention in the last paragraph of our catcher draft guide. ("If I was picking a catcher in the last round as a filler, I'd probably go with Chris Iannetta of the Rockies -- sent down, but at 25 could still deliver on his promise.") Well, he seems to have the starting spot locked up. In two-catcher leagues, he's long gone, but I'd drop a whole bunch of struggling backstops and pick him up, instead.

Bartolo Colon should be back by June. If you can, stash him on your DL.


You can go ahead and get rid of Corey Patterson and any other Cincinnati would-be center fielders now.

It's very hard to admit you made a mistake on a closer. Unlike starting pitchers, who absolutely pummel you into oblivion until you cut bait, closers get to hang around, pitching an inning here and there, and it may take months before you acknowledge the inevitable: Eric Gagne has no place on any roster unless you have a deep bench or it's NL only. He's holding you back from speculating on other closers.

J.R. Towles and Jeff Clement: the dream is over.

While he's not droppable yet, you may want to quietly try and move Jeff Keppinger before it becomes obvious to other owners that Alex Gonzalez will, eventually, be back in the Cincinnati infield. And Dusty Baker loves his crappy veterans.

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