Wednesday, May 28, 2008



LATE BREAKING NEWS: Rather than write a whole new article, I'll just slip in here that Percival collapsed with an apparent leg injury today, and Dan Wheeler needs to be added in all leagues before you finish reading this sentence.

Very quietly Shane Victorino has turned into one of the best CFs in fantasy baseball. After missing nearly three weeks due to a DL stint and a manager who doesn't understand that Geoff Jenkins sucks, he's now the 218th ranked player in Yahoo (in only 150 at-bats). Over the last month, he's number 35, and he stole his 10th base today. He was dropped in just about every league, and should now be picked up in every league.

Christian Guzman will have a better year than Derek Jeter. Write it down. Actually, is that such a bold prediction?

Kevin Kouzmanoff and Adam LaRoche: Each one hit another HR today.

If you're desperate for steals, Luis Castillo is a more palatable option than an equally mediocre OF. At least you're not expecting much from your MI in deep mixed leagues. Brian Roberts, of the 130th rank, is a top tier 2B'er, for pete's sake.

Jose Contreras needs to be picked up for as long as this hot streak lasts.


You've really got to start dumping Cleveland players. Travis Hafner, Ryan Garko, etc. etc. If you play in the type of leagues I enjoy, with deep rosters but shallow benches, guys like Hafner can destroy your season (if he hasn't already). The sad thing is: he may still be available on the waiver wire when interleague play ends. I'd add Victor Martinez to the list, but if he turns it around even slightly he's still much better than a replacement value catcher. How strange is it that so many Cleveland players have hit the skids so quickly? Home runs are down all over baseball (one stat bandied about today was a decline of 1,000 over the course of the year), and particularly in Cleveland. What a remarkable coincidence.

Is Casey Kotchman ever going to hit another home run? It's now been about a month. Try to trade him. If you can't, don't fall in love with his preposterously good April.

Mark Reynolds: one home run over the last month, batting average now down to .225. You ride a player like that, then cut him.

I'm a little concerned with Garret Atkins's neck injury and the possibility he may be traded if Ian Stewart doesn't work out at second base. I'd quietly try to move him while his value remains sky high.

If he didn't play second base, I'd cut Robinson Cano. Even so, it's tough to keep sending him out there.

Drop Gary Sheffield and Brad Hawpe. Maybe not Eric Byrnes.


Don Ford said...

+1 Fantasy Hurler

Proud owner of 2 new Dan Wheelers!

waters96 said...

Would you dump Max Scherzer to pick up Wheeler?

waters96 said...

For clarification, my team is a standard Yahoo mixed non-keeper 12 team league.

Don Ford said...

It depends how bad you need saves...

waters96 said...

Bad enough to pick up Wheeler, but no worse than other categories. I'm sitting in fifth place with a need to get stronger everywhere. It's my money league, so I need to jump start every category, plus I'm fighting injuries to Figgins, Dice K, and Ryan Church, so I don't have a lot of roster flexibility.

Don Ford said...

Is there anyone else you could possibly drop?

Scherzer will probably be more valuable in the long run...

waters96 said...

Everybody else is a starter or injured. Other possibility is Wellemeyer, but I like him better than Perez these days.

Mike Bock said...

I can think of no reason why you'd hold on to Scherzer over Wheeler (although, frankly, I'd think there must be someone else you can drop) in a league without a "holds" category.

Wheeler's peripherals are pretty fucking great themselves, and he'll be garnering saves.

waters96 said...

I went ahead and dropped Oliver Perez after another horrible start so now I have Wheeler and Scherzer. As someone mentioned, Max is one Randy Johnson back injury away from being a very useful starter. So, thanks for the help with my thought process.