Monday, May 26, 2008

I feel the need. (The need for speed, of course.)

So a guy in my money league ended up with all of these guys on his team: Bourn, Victorino, Ellsbury, Theriot and Pence. He has 50 steals on the year, good enough for second place in that category and 13 more than the guy currently in third. Bottom line: He had wheels to spare ... and a hard-on for Joey Votto, who he thought could help him in the power and RBI categories.

So on Sunday I swapped him Votto and Brad Hawpe (essentially a throw-in -- that's how much of a disaster his season's been) for Bourn and Victorino. Now I have these guys on my team: Bourn, Victorino, Reyes and Phillips. I'm currently in eight place in steals but expect to rocket up the standings in that category. The plan is to use Bourn to quickly make up some much needed ground, then trade him off in a few weeks. I'll still have Victorino, who combined with Reyes and Phillips, will hopefully allow me to hold steady once Bourn is gone.

I'm betting Bourn is going to be used this way in a lot of leagues, where he'll bounce around from team to team as guys use him as a quick fix for stolen bases. And I figure managers won't be too apprehensive about letting him go as he's been largely a black hole in all other categories. How many teams has Bourn been on already in your fantasy league?


Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I had both Bourn and Carlos Gomez on my team and traded Gomez.

The problem with Bourn is that his average and/or OBP make him a much weaker player than he should be. If could at least hit .250, that'll help.

Don Ford said...

Bourn is on both of my teams, but I don't plan on trading him just yet.

He's actually starting to get on base lately and he was already stealing a base every other game when he WASN'T getting on. If he continues his hot streak his value will rocket.

Bob Taylor said...

Yeah, this manager started trying to get me to do this trade about two weeks ago. I was hesitant at first being that I'm a big Votto believer, and that Bourn was never getting on base and Victorino, just back from injury, wasn't even playing every day.

Once I saw Bourn's OBP going up and Victorino on the lineup card every day, however, I was quick to pull the trigger.

By the way, Don -- Sorry I haven't posted the question you e-mailed me as an Ask the Hurler yet. I hope to get to that today.

waters96 said...

I was using Bourn that way in one league but dropped him when someone waived Chris Young (SD pitcher). In another league, I'm using Juan Pierre that way. This is the first time in a while that it's pretty easy picking up a steals only guy who doesn't kill you in other categories.

Anonymous said...

Bourn is my OF sub, and if you watch his splits closely you can almost predict his stealing patterns. HOLD!

Bob Taylor said...

Good advice -- except my money league is a weekly lineup league, so splits don't help me all that much.