Friday, May 30, 2008

I need professional journalist Craig Falzone in my fantasy leagues

Check out this article from Craig Falzone over at Yahoo's fantasy site.

I'll cut through the muck and post the heart of the article:

Falzone traded Alex Rodriguez, Joe Crede, Eric Hinske, Tadahito Iguchi and Guillermo Mota for Matt Kemp, Carlos Gomez, Alex Gordon, and Casey Kotchman in mid-May.

This is the kind of trade proposal that results in my emailing smart-ass rejection notes.

Carlos Gomez was on an unbelievable tear early in the year ... and he has one stolen base since May 12th. Matt Kemp was stuck in a miserable Dodgers OF (although Jones is now out of the picture -- but Falzone didn't know that would happen). Kemp is very good in four categories, one of them being SBs, but he has a less than mind blowing three home runs! In only 123 at-bats, A-Rod has seven.

Was Alex Gordon even an upgrade? Hinske and Crede aren't being terribly outperformed by Gordon (they're all within 40 or so spots of each other in the Yahoo rankings). Call that one a wash.

Kotchman? Kotchman!?! His April was completely out of line with his career, and he doesn't have a home run in May. Yet another player that Falzone bought high on.

Iguchi is a bit of throw-in, but I'm not sure how deep the league is. He should be owned in all deep mixed leagues. I'm not so sure Mota didn't have value, as well. Wasn't Gagne imploding all over himself in early May? And wasn't Mota one of the potential candidates for saves?

It's pretty easy to see what happened here. A frustrated owner sold low on A-Rod. Remember we told you guys to buy in early May? Well, at least someone did. This is just an ugly trade. Trading one player for three or four means you're eating up roster spots that could have been taken by only marginally less valuable up and comers -- or guys like Hinske and Crede that are on your own team! I particularly wouldn't have wanted to bet on Gomez remaining on his pace for 20 home runs and 11,956 stolen bases. This is a classic "sell high/buy low" scenario that you wouldn't think professionals would fall for.

I could never, ever pull off a trade like this with the folks I play with.


Steve said...

What a dumbass

Falzone said...

Hey Hurler... thanks for reading my column. I'm not a professional journalist -- I'm the Average Joe playing AGAINST the professional journalists. That doesn't mean I'm a chump, though -- I've won my private league with friends 4 years running and I'm currently in 1st vs. the Yahoo experts. And while I admit the trade was a risk -- in fact, that's the whole idea of that column -- but I was waaay down in steals and Gomez was on pace for 50+ at the time. Who knew he'd stop running? I sure didn't.

Bob Taylor said...

Hey, Falzone ...

You were building a compelling argument for yourself until this: ... and I'm currently in 1st vs. the Yahoo experts.

Trust me. You don't want to wear that one as a badge of honor.