Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Marcum just misses getting me a bunch of points

In addition to my money league and fantasy bloggers league, I also play in a third "for fun" league that utilizes 15 different categories including OBP, slugging, K/9, defensive assists (!) and shutouts. It's a 16-team league, and I'm tied with 12 other teams with zero shutouts. (Three teams have one. One team -- the team in first place -- has two.) Well, today Shaun Marcum was one teensy-weensy, measly little out away from nabbing me my first shutout when he came apart and gave up two ninth-inning singles and a double in the Jays-Rays game. Two runs scored have never been so painful ...

(Although I feel better when I think about how smart I was to not only draft Marcum in this league, but also in my much-more-serious money league. That guy's really fucking good.)

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