Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh, Geovany!

Geovany Soto has already hit an inside-the-park home run tonight, his ninth round-tripper on the season. I honestly don't know what else this dude could do to make me love him more. And to think I once had concerns that I jumped too early (eighth round, 107th overall) on him in my money league. Ha! It was still a bargain. My wife and I plan to start trying for a second kid soon, and if we're successful and it's a boy, I think I'm gonna push to name him Geovany.


Anonymous said...

Soto showed great hustle on that play because it was clearly a home run on the fly. A lot of players (Soriano) would've been standing on 2nd.

Incidentally, MLB needs some new umps.

Bob Taylor said...

Umpiring has been TERRIBLE this year. And not just these home run debacles from today and yesterday -- it's been awful across the board. A few weeks back, I saw Nate McLouth got called out trying to steal second base when the shortstop NEVER HAD POSSESSION OF THE BALL. The ump claimed that he lost possession taking it out of his glove. Now, why in the fuck would the shortstop be taking the ball out of his glove on a caught stealing before the ump made the call? Answer: He wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's the worst I can remember seeing and I'm not one to usually harp on the subject.

Soto got hosed out of a caught stealing later in the game on a blown call by Joe West.

Anonymous said...

The sweat of his brow cures cancer, too. Greatest. catcher. ever.