Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poll results: Santana and Volquez may be for real

The votes are in, and many of you think Ervin Santana and Edinson Volquez have a realistic chance to continue pitching effectively. Cliff Lee and Scott Olsen -- not so much. Interestingly, since this poll went up, Santana, Lee and Olsen have all pitched a bad game or two, so maybe those three are already reverting to their norms. By the way, I agreed with the majority and voted for Santana. He has proven in seasons past that he could be an effective pitcher in the majors. Most of us just forget that after his awful '07 campaign. Lee and Olsen both have that April/May fluke smell about them, and it grows stronger by the start. Meanwhile, I keep waiting for Volquez to return to our planet ...

Ervin Santana -- 31 (39.7%)
Edinson Volquez -- 27 (34.6%)
Cliff Lee -- 17 (21.8%)
Scott Olsen -- 3 (3.8%)

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