Saturday, May 3, 2008

Swapping in, swapping out

Are there owners out there who have been able to soothe their fantasy baseball hearts, so recently weighed down with the loss of Yovani Gallardo, with the balm of a shiny new Max Scherzer? Really? You were able to pick Scherzer up when Gallardo went down? If you're out there, we here at Fantasy Hurler want you to know something:

We hate you. We hate you a lot.

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waters96 said...

Earlier in the year, my main competitor in my main league picked Betancourt up off the waiver wire and traded him for Gallardo the same day. I had the #3 waiver priority and I guess 1 and 2 were asleep so I got Max. So, instead of him with Gallardo and me with nothing, it is he who has nothing and moi who has Scherzer. It's funny how fortunes change quickly. Now all I have to do is make up the 38 point advantage he already has on me thanks to my wonderful Oliver Perez, Justin Verlander combo, among the many sucky pitchers I have owned in that league.