Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Votto going off

Last night, Mike Jacobs' home run made me a little upset that I started Votto instead of him in my weekly-lineup money league this week. Today, I feel all better now that Joey's got two round-trippers against the Cubs. Phillips, who I own in two leagues, even contributed a dinger. Too bad all three were solo shots.

UPDATE: Votto just hit his third home run. And has a stolen base to boot. Line of the Day submissions for today are closed.


Hoodlumman said...

Fuck Votto. Where is the fucking fucker when Harang is fucking pitching?


P.S. My opponent has Votto this week and I have Harang and his 2.75 runs per start of run support per game. Fuck Cincinnati. Harang should set Votto's house on fire.

Disclaimer: I'm only so upset because I love this game so much. Damn poop hell.

Mike Bock said...

Line of the season, perhaps? You don't see three home runs AND a stolen base very often.

Mike Bock said...

How you feel about those rankings now, ESPN!

Anonymous said...

How about some love for Volquez - clearly the early pick for Cy Young.

Bob Taylor said...

Volquez for Cy Young? Over Brandon Webb?! I can see why you didn't want to leave your name, making crazy-ass statements like that.

Also, while Edinson's 10 Ks and 4 hits are nice for his owners, the six walks are not. That's positively Dice K-esque.

Anonymous said...

"Volquez for Cy Young? Over Brandon Webb?! I can see why you didn't want to leave your name, making crazy-ass statements like that."

Webb? I could go 7-0 with the Diamondbacks behind me. Last I checked, Webb and Volquez have similar WHIPS, but Webb has a point-higher ERA, so I guess Webb has a bigger problem giving up basehits and runs. And Volquez is a crazy-ass statement?

Dice-K has a K:BB ratio of 33:27 and a point-and-a-half higher ERA. Volquez has a 52:24 ratio. Do you even look at the stats or just go on hype?

What does my name matter in any of this? Is it relevant to the facts?

Anonymous said...

Anyway, I love your site. Best fantasy baseball commentary on the web, wrong or right.


Bob Taylor said...

The Dice K comment was really just in reference to today's game. And, no, I'm not going on hype, though I'll admit to thinking about likely future production when I guess we're really just talking about where these guys are at statistically right this moment. Don't discount the wins, though. No matter why Webb has them, wins are important when it comes to Cy Young voting.

Why are we talking about this nonsense anyway? Who cares who's the Cy Young front runner on May 7?


Bob Taylor said...

Good (and scary) analysis from Rotoworld:

It was a great performance, but it was hard to believe Volquez was allowed to throw 118 pitches in a 9-0 game. He was working on four days' rest, too. He likely will get at least one extra day off after this one. The last thing the Reds need is for the NL's ERA leader to go down with a sore arm.

I didn't realize Volquez was throwing on four days' rest. Ahh, that crazy Dusty ...