Monday, May 5, 2008

Who'd Ya Rather?: Guthrie or Lannan

Welcome to a brand new feature here at the Hurler -- our very own version of Who'd Ya Rather? Of course, we won't be making you choose between Kristen Bell and Evangeline Lilly. (Ooh, tough call. I'm going with Bell. She better make that decision worth it.) Instead, I'll be throwing out the names of two MLBers, and you'll be telling me which one is most deserving of an open fantasy roster space. Sounds like fun, right? Let's get started with ...

Jeremy Guthrie or John Lannan -- WHO'D YA RATHER?

I actually had Guthrie on my money-league roster recently, then cut him for Lannan. The reasoning was that I just had too many damn AL pitchers on my roster. (I have Shields, Marcum and Buchholz, while my only NL pitchers are Oliver Perez and Maholm, the latter of whom is about to be cut.) Now there's some statistical debate about whether having a roster loaded with AL pitchers really hurts you, but, personally, too many American Leaguers makes me uncomfortable. Plus, Lannan hadn't given up a run in his last two starts, and that 11-strikeout performance against the Mets on April 17 makes me salivate. So I made the move.

And, of course, Lannan gets lit up by the fucking Pirates on Friday (5 ER, 6 hits, 0 K through three), while Guthrie gets his first win in forever with a nice three-hit, six-K performance against the Angels. I liked Guthrie coming into the season ... and I still do. You know what you're getting with him. (He's given up only two or three earned runs in his last six starts and went at least six innings in all of them but one. He's usually good for five Ks.) Guthrie's a solid back-of-the-rotation or fill-in fantasy pitcher. I think I'm now regretting cutting him.

Or maybe it was worth taking a chance on Lannan. I honestly don't know that much about him other than, until this weekend, he was playing some pretty damn good baseball. And, hell, I only gave up Guthrie for him. Isn't that what we fantasy managers are supposed to do with that last roster spot -- jump on the latest trendy SP pickup? Hmm, Guthrie or Lannan ...

So what do you guys think -- WHO'D YA RATHER?


Bob Taylor said...

By the way, if anyone's got two players they want to recommend for a future Who'd Ya Rather, just click on my name over in our staff box and e-mail 'em to me.

Tim said...

I'd rather have Guthrie. He was a hot prospect with the Indians so you know he has ability. He's also more stable than Lanan. In the end Guthrie will end up with more strike outs than Lanan will and he plays for a team with a better offense.

The AL East may be the toughest division with the Yankees and Red Sox and Tampa offenses, but the NL East still has the Braves, Mets and Phillies.

Mike Bock said...

I'd rather have Guthrie. Actually, I don't want Lannan at all, so it's almost a victory by default.

I recommend you analyze either Lance Berkman v. Albert Pujols, or Troy Tulowitzki v. Derek Jeter, next.