Saturday, May 10, 2008

Who'd Ya Rather?: Nick Johnson or Nick Swisher

A reader named Daniel isn't sure which Nick he'd rather own in a 12-team 12x12 league. So today we we're going to help him out by asking ...

Nick Johnson or Nick Swisher -- WHO'D YA RATHER?

Johnson, of course, was off everyone's radar coming into this season because he didn't play at all last year thanks to a broken leg. In '06, however, he crossed home plate 100 times and posted 23 home runs and a .298 average. Swisher's power numbers were down last year after a breakout '06, although his average and OBP went up.

This season neither of them has hit for average so far, though Johnson has a .412 OBP. (He actually has more walks than hits!) Johnson has an 11-5-18 fantasy line on the year, while Swisher's carrying a 20-3-8 line in about 20 more at-bats.

Interestingly, a guy in my money league has BOTH of these guys on his roster, and Johnson's the guy in his starting lineup right now, while Swisher rides the bench. This manager is currently in second place out of 14, so who am I to argue? Plus, I always support going for high-risk-high-reward guys with your last roster spot or two, and I think Johnson better fits that mold. Plus, OBP would have to be included in a 12x12 league, and we already know Johnson helps you there.

So I'm going with Johnson. But how 'bout the rest of you? Want to chime in and help Daniel out?


Steve Lorenz said...

Those short Chicago fences make me want to lean towards Swisher, despite his atrocious start.

Johnson's OBP/OPS will be huge once he starts raising his BA.

Who knows. Good comparison there.

daCommish said...

Looks like Swisher is turning it around while Johnson lingers on the DL (again).
I (Daniel) wound up cutting them both and scrambling back to get Swisher before he was picked up by another team.
Thanks for keeping up such a great site.