Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chunks o' Hurl

Yeah, that's probably a bit much, huh? Well, I asked you guys to help me come up with a name for my musings, to distinguish them from Mike's Errata, and you failed miserably by not suggesting any at all. (We get about 300 hits here per day here at the Hurler, so where are the comments? I think I might start highlighting the "Comment of the Week" just to get you guys yakkin'. Is that sufficient enough reward -- your name in lights at the Hurler? Hmm ...)

Anyway, tonight I have random thoughts ...

-- Jeremy Guthrie finally got a win this evening by giving up four runs in six innings pitched. So Guthrie's win column is better served ... by him pitching worse?!

-- Bad Ollie showed up today against the worst team in baseball: He gave up six runs, five earned, to Seattle. I never once wavered after cutting Perez a few weeks back. You didn't pick him back up for today's game did you? You deserve your migraine then. Your head says, "Fuck you."

-- Ryan Doumit returned today after missing a week with a concussion and promptly went 3-for-5 with a home run. I feel like a frickin' genius for drafting this guy in two of my three leagues. (I try to forget all the picks that make me feel like a bloody moron, of which there are many.)

-- Speaking of Pirates, Jose Bautista has five home runs in his last nine games and he's dual eligible (OF, 3B). If you have a hole to fill, I figure you could do worse in the short term.

-- Not counting today's game (where he was 2-for-4) Brad Hawpe has a .560 OBP with two home runs over the last week. Please, please, please stay hot! (He's still losing ABs against left-handers, though.)

-- In my bloggers league, I drafted the formidable-looking staff (in March, anyway) of C.C. Sabathia, John Maine, James Shields, Oliver Perez, Rich Hill and Scott Baker. And who is my best pitcher in that league today? Justin Duchscherer. Mike says never pay for saves. Fuck that. I say never pay for starting pitching.


Tim said...

I felt bad that noone left any clever names... I thought of one with a little help from good old dictionary and thesaurus.com here we go.

First I didnt even know what the heck an 'errata' was.

So er·ra·ta
1. pl. of erratum.
2. a list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication; corrigenda.

Corrigenda sounded like a cool word and happens to be a synonym for ERRATA

So why not go with 'FANTASY CORRIGENDA'

PS I wrote earlier in the season for a review of my Teixeira for Verlander trade.... just made worse by the guy I traded Tex to flipping him and Damon for PUJOLS ! haha

have a good one

david said...

I like it. "The Fantasy Corrigenda" has a nice, sophisticated ring to it.

Bob Taylor said...

Good suggestion and it does indeed sound sophisticated. One possible problem, though: Is sophisticated really what we do here at the Hurler? More often, we're going the other way -- past sophomoric and toward the juvenile. That's what sets us apart from those other, snobby fantasy sites!

Tim said...

hahhah exactly....IRONY my friend.

I would assume the same/similar reason the original was called the "ERRATA"

just my $.02

david said...

@ Mr. Taylor: to second Tim's comment, it's all about the irony. What better way to read the "sophomoric" and "juvenile" humor of the errata than under the heading of "The Fantasy Corrigenda?" Doing so would just make it all the more enjoyable.

david said...

As an aside, you could always amend the name of the errata if you subsequently found something more to your liking.