Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fantasy Errata: The Oliver Perez edition

-- Today's Errata column is entirely devoted to how much I hate Oliver Perez. He's gone from mid-round sleeper to the bane of my existence. Death to Ollie. You don't see a 21.00 MOTHERFUCKING WHIP VERY OFTEN! So I cut him in all three of my leagues ... he started for me in all of them ... and went perusing the waiver wire. Jorge Campillo is starting tomorrow. I'll try him. Between Oliver Perez and Jair Jurrjens (who I can't cut now, as he's basically my fourth starter) it's going to take a month erase the last three days. If Campillo goes down, I'll be scrounging for Jason Bergmann, who at least will be striking guys out.

-- Jeff Francoeur now deserves to have me spell his name correctly, as he continues to heat up.

-- San Diego has a pitcher named Carlos Guevara, who shows up as C. Guevara in Yahoo. Viva la Revolucion.

-- Jay Bruce is this year's Ryan Braun, this year's Albert Pujols, or this year's Chris Shelton? You know what, I still say sell high.

-- I just can't go on. I'm going to go drink.



Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Ian Stewart got 2b eligibility in yahoo leagues yesterday.

Mike Bock said...