Monday, June 2, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- You know someone out there had to have drafted Billy Butler, Delmon Young, and Victor Martinz. They have one home run to show for it. Butler's been demoted, and you know my philosophy: you can't hold on to him in anything but deep AL-only leagues. It's a bit strange that the struggling Royals would make this move. What else does he have left to learn in the minors?

-- No word yet on how bad Tim Hudson's leg injury is. Until this weekend, he had one of the five lowest ERAs since the middle of last year. Could the Atlanta bullpen be any more of a mess?

-- Jeff Francaeiouyr is slowly coming out of his funk. If he was dropped in your league, give him a look. Hairston Jr. and Bruce are also being picked up everywhere (is Bruce this year's Ryan Braun?); it's strange just how much fantasy talent there is amongst the woeful Reds. Oh wait, they're all hitters.

-- Couple of heavyweight relievers got shellacked today. B.J. Ryan owners probably are treating the situation with equanimity, whilst Putz owners are not.

-- Jair Jurrjens is bouncing around the waiver wire everywhere. I almost cut him myself. This was a very amateurish weekend for me in terms of roster management. I meant to bench Jurrjens on the road in Cincinnati, but I overslept and missed out by about 10 minutes. He then proceeded to single-handledly destroy my WHIP for the month. I then decided, at the last moment, to bench Mike Jacobs against Jamie Moyer. He can't hit lefties for shit, right? He then hits two home runs. What in the name of Zeus's butthole is that all about?

-- I wish A.J. Burnett was still a free agent in any of my leagues.

-- Johan Santana's having an unbelievable start when you look at his track record in April and May. It's tough to trade for Santana, but make the effort.

-- I thought Adrian Beltre's nagging wrist injury would sap his power: didn't happen. His average, on the other hand, is positively Glaus-esque.

-- Mark Prior is done for the year with another shoulder surgery. Next announcement: retirement.

-- Felix Hernandez went seven strong in his last start, and John McLaren didn't send him out for the eighth inning (he'd thrown 87ish pitches). Hallelujah, he has seen the light!

-- Nick Blackburn blocked a Bobby Abreu liner with his face today. His flopping to the ground like a dead fish was pretty scary. The big faker.

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