Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- So ... umm ... what's up with Carl Crawford? I hear "leg pain," I hear "nothing major," I hear "day off," and then I also hear "Dr. James Andrews." AYIUAAYAYI. Crawford may be better in fantasy than in real-life, but fantasy baseball is what I'm playing. This sounds ominous.

-- So much for Joba's heralded move to the starting rotation. An erstwhile competitor for many years has been preening a bit over the 20ish starts he'd be getting from Joba. Well, it's going to take a few to remove the stink from this one. If he has an excellent start next time out, I'd actually try to move him. The chances of him succeeding while being stretched out for the rest of the year are pretty slim.

-- Why is Akinori Iwamura still a free agent, anywhere? He was batting about .200 with one home run at the end of April. Now he's around .280 with four home runs (still not too many stolen bases, but he's a second baseman).

-- Nick Swisher, left for dead in many a league, went yard today in a 1-4 effort. I wouldn't start him quite yet, but I'd definitely flag him.

-- Prince Fielder is looking like a better bet for 40 homers as opposed to 20 by the minute. His lardassness even stole a base recently.

-- Zack Greinke just taught all of his owners an important lesson in selling high and not starting historically mediocre pitches on the road in ChiSox town (after the weather heats up). Carlos Quentin, A.J. Purejackass, and a host of others went deep.

-- Ian Stewart is now second-base eligible. The gods must be laughing.

-- Geovany Soto has had three or four balls caught at the warning track recently, but he finally went yard again today. As Chicago continues to heat up, I expect him to really start mashing. Which is scary, considering he's already light years better than every other fantasy catcher. Yes, even Cody Ross, who is really, really pissing me off.

-- Pedro made it though the start without re-injuring himself. Yay for him. Ten baserunners and only three Ks in six innings, however, does not inspire confidence. Randy Johnson, on the other hand, is inexplicably still available in a few leagues.

-- More oddball statistics: Barry Zito is now on pace for 27 losses. I thought it would be higher. Aaron Harang is on pace to go 6-24 -- with a sub 4.00 ERA and a sub 1.30 WHIP, with nearly a K per inning. Pretty soon he's going to start sticking his teammates' toothbrushes in his ass when they aren't looking.

-- Jarrod Saltalamacchia has 10 hits in his last 24 at-bats, and two of them were homers. Back on my radar!

-- I think you should very quietly consider adding Barry Bonds to your roster in deep mixed leagues, or if you have a lengthy bench. In AL-only leagues, I'd add him immediately. David Ortiz may be back in a month or two, or he may need surgery and be gone indefinitely. There are two players I expect to benefit: most obviously, Coco Crisp, who is now a must-add in all formats for those who need OF help. The other? Where is Boston going to turn to try to replace some of that lost OBP and power? Not from their farm system, that's for sure. And probably not by trading. They already have one intolerable showboating jackass in Manny Ramirez. What's one more?

-- Dan Uggla wonders what kind of a world he lives in when a second baseman with the even more ridiculous name of Chase Utley gets all his press. Wait until they get a load of his two more knocks (name the movie I'm paraphrasing).

-- Wandy Rodriguez: all systems go. Hopefully you stashed him on your DL.


Anonymous said...

"intolerable showboating jackass"? What a sad pathetic cunt you are. Go play some golf, nancy.

Mike Bock said...

Thanks for the site hit!

Bob Taylor said...

So which is it -- "cunt" or "nancy"? I'm confused. And do those sentiments apply to everyone who thinks Manny is a showboating jackass? 'Cause that would be, like, you know ... THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Anonymous said...

i agree! those latinos like manny have totally ruined baseball with their lame theatrics and posturing and crazy handshakes!! its a white mans sport with white mans attitude! no celebrating! no show-offs! go watch football basketball nascar hockey if you want to see that kind of latino-y grandstanding!

Bob Taylor said...

Wow, that last post seems ... sarcastic. And if it's not, whew boy. I will say this: Jose Reyes' crazy handshakes are AWESOME, and I wish he'd give me one. (And quite honestly, I feel like I deserve one as I've now drafted him two years in a row, last year with the first overall pick.)

Mike Bock said...

Our very own troll.

*solitary tear rolls down cheek*