Friday, June 6, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- A few days ago I mentioned that I was thinking of picking up John Lannan, if for no other reason than the fact he gets Ks. I pick him up, start him, he goes six innings without striking anyone out. Mother@$#%R@#%R

-- Jair Jurrjens -- nice knowing ya. I thought he'd last to the break before falling apart. So much for that. Don't you love it when you start multiple hitters against a pitcher you have starting for you, assuming that even if the pitcher gets lit up, at least you'll capitalize? That didn't work out so well for me today with Mike Jacobs and Jorge Cantu. Next up on my increasingly hapless team: Manny Parra and Jeremy Guthrie.

-- Jose Contreras: no signs of slowing down.

-- Rafael Soriano picked up the save. I'd feel free to cut Acosta at this point.

-- I posted a clip of the Boston v. Tampa Bay brawl. Here's a brawl that the pitcher anticipated, but didn't quite unfold the way one might expect.

-- So, Homer Bailey ... not so good.

-- C.C. Sabathia got lit up today. You know what that means. Try to buy low in case you missed your first chance!

-- B.J. Ryan continues to fall apart, obviously due to the "reverse WHIP" pressure my article put on him. I'd say to keep an eye out for a possible replacement, but considering how Accardo worked out, I'll just keep my mouth shut.

-- Matt Stairs is just a beast against righties. Over .800 OPS, seven home runs. I'd platoon him on my own team if he was a free agent.

-- The home run watch on Victor Martinez and Delmon Young continues. I can't think of any other likely draftees who are still homerless (and who haven't been seriously injured).

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