Monday, June 9, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- The second major problem with paying for saves (the first problem is that they can be had for free with if you monitor games regularly and have sound draft strategy), is that it's pretty tough to do it effectively. How would drafting J.J. Putz, Rafael Soriano, and Manny Corpas have worked out? Not so good. This is what I think of paying for saves:


If you're desperate, speculate on Taylor Buchhhhhhhh(this guy's name annoys me), grab Putz's backup (I think he's hurt), and see if Mike Gonzalez and Zumaya were overlooked in your league. It's all about finding bubble closers and handcuffing them.

No, not this.



-- Nick Swisher has replaced Mike Jacobs in all leagues in which Swisher had been abandoned. I don't know why Jacobs missed the last few days, but frankly, I've had enough of his "can't stay healthy" bullshit. I'm still high on the guy, but I'm tired of waking up twice a week and discovering that for no apparent reason he's taking the day off.

-- Aaron Harang ... it's going from bad to worse.

-- Not so for Rich Harden, who had an immaculate inning yesterday. (He struck out three batters on nine pitches in the first inning.) I don't know which is more amazing -- that he threw an immaculate inning or that he's been healthy for six straight starts. I'm going to go with the health.

-- Luis Castillo has been an excellent source of runs lately and swiped a bag for the second consecutive day steals. I recommend giving him a looksie in deep leagues.

-- If you're going to sell high on Chase Utley, now's the time to do it. I'd ask for B.J. Upton or Brandon Phillips and a very good CI or OF.

-- Chipper has a torn quadriceps. Please explain to me how he's supposed to return in a few days. Look, everyone knows Chipper is awesome (this year: really awesome), and everyone knows he's going to play 120-140 games. Don't think you're buying low at the moment because he may be DL bound for a good long while. On the other hand, if he misses a bunch of time, he may actually have a shot at .400. On second thought, probably not.

-- Milton Bradley with two stolen bases. As though his value wasn't high enough.


waters96 said...

Is Harang a buy-low candidate? If so, would you offer someone like Dice K or more along the lines of Wellemeyer and/or Derek Lowe?

Mike Bock said...

Hmmm ... Aaron Harang is definitely on the "low" end of his potential value, but I'm not so sure Wellemeyer or Dice K are "high" at the moment. Wellemeyer has "elbow" inflammation and while the team says he'll be back, he's not back yet. Dice K's walk totals are absurd: his peripherals are completely unsustainable.

Derek Lowe has been on fire recently. I wasn't that high on Harang coming into the year (he's been overworked for a number of years), but I'd definitely roll the dice if I could grab him for Lowe. Oddly enough, I think Lowe probably has the greatest trade value amongst the three.

I don't think you'll find a manager willing to do it straight up, but good luck.

waters96 said...

Thanks. I agree with you on Dice K. What kind of starting pitcher do you think you could get for him.

Also, a while back I traded Max Scherzer for Derek Jeter and now I have Jeter and Carlos Guillen SS eligible and I really only need one of them. So, of Guillen and Jeter, who is the better one to dump and what level pitcher do you think I could get for him. I thought Jeter had some trade value, but nobody seems very interested in him.

Steve said...

Putz's backup= Brandon Morrow

Mike Bock said...

I wouldn't have interest in Jeter in shallow leagues, either.

Since Guillen might go on the DL at some point due to hemorrhoids, I wouldn't dump Jeter for the time being. I don't think you're getting a decent starter for him, but maybe you need saves? Try to speculate on an undervalued closer, someone like Jon Rauch or a Wilson brother. Or, trade Jeter for Fuentes. Since everyone's waiting for the shoe to drop on a Fuentes trade, maybe you can speculate and hopefully grab two months worth of saves instead of two weeks (which is why the owner will probably sell).

waters96 said...

Yeah, I've got four decent buy-low closers and I'm streaming R. Soriano, D. Wheeler, Mike Gonzalez looking for a fifth. My team has been destroyed by my aces, who include the late to my team Oliver Perez, Verlander, Arroyo, and Dice k. Desperately trying to make up ground there, but can't seem to do it. Anyway, I put in a Lowe and Todd Helton for Harang and will see what happens.

Client-9 said...

What and insane pic... Kudos

Mike Bock said...

Thanks, and I agree.