Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fantasy Errata

This is our 664th post. Hmm, we'll have to do something special for #666.

-- Nick Swisher: I told you to pick him up, didn't I! Well, he ain't a free agent anywhere no more. -- Mike Jacobs goes deep. Frustrating player to own, but can't argue with the production.

-- In my cash league teams I drafted Prince Fielder, Mike Jacobs, Adam LaRoche, Garrett Atkins, and Ryan Garko to man my CI and UTIL slots. My highest rated CI on Yahoo? Jorge Cantu, by a wide margin.

-- The more I think about Jeremy Guthrie, the more I think he's likely the best pitcher available in more than 50 percent of mixed leagues. Ignore wins for a moment: he's been lights out the last month or so. Plus, his interleague record is awesome (sub 2.00 ERA, etc. etc.), and he has interleague games coming up.

-- I don't care what Oliver Perez did last game, I am having 19.29 percent more fun now that I cut him in three leagues. You know what it feels like to own a player like Oliver Perez? It's kind of like being the cricket in the video below -- you're ready to plunge to your own death just to get rid of the parasite that's eating you alive.

Parasite Causes Cricket To Commit Suicide - Watch more free videos

That video is going to give me nightmares.

-- Mariano Rivera hasn't exactly been overused, but he isn't exactly young, either. You know how I say never pay for saves? Also don't avoid selling high on saves. If you can get top-20 value for Mariano, do it. Joakim Soria and Mariano Rivera in the same game is a capsule summary of stud AL closers, past, present, and future.

-- Paul Konerko and Ryan Garko: probably being picked up in every league as we speak.

-- B.J. Upton has safely passed Brandon Phillips again on the Yahoo! player rate. Whew. Good to see that prediction is holding up.

-- A win for Matt Cain! And a four-out save for Brian Wilson, which tells me not only is he feeling more confident but so are the Giants. Buy low, right now, before his ERA dips way below 4.00 and his WHIP creeps down to respectable levels.

-- Dioner Navarro is very, very quietly, having an incredible year (for a catcher). He's a top-eight catcher, with fifty fewer at-bats than most. That's awesome waiver wire quality.

-- Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 600th home run today. None of them are retroactive, so most [fantasy] baseball fans didn't particularly care. Call me when he gets close to Mays.

-- Considering how thin the shortstop position is this year, this is probably the last week that Orlando Cabrera will be a free agent in most leagues. He, and the rest of the White Sox, are heating up.

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