Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- It was an interesting Tuesday in fantasy baseball. If you noticed that Keith Foulke (who gave up a run today) and Alan Embree were suddenly snatched up in your league: it's because Huston Street is complaining of a sore groin. If you need saves, act accordingly. If you put a gun to my head, I'd pick up Foulke, but you're really flipping a coin here.

-- I do love strikeout mongers. Through Monday, there were about 15 pitchers with more strikeouts than hits allowed amongst those who've pitched a decent amount of innings. Only one of them, Jonathan Sanchez (75 Ks, 66 hits) might be a free agent in your league. Clearly, these are pitchers you want on your team. Topping the chart is the stupefyingly awesome Carlos Marmol, whose 18 hits allowed versus 60 Ks is the stuff that dreams are made of. Rounding out the rest: Brandon Webb (75 Ks and 71 hits); Tim Lincecum (83 Ks, 70 hits); Chad Billingsley (79 Ks, 60 hits); Edinson Volquez (96 Ks, 52 hits); Josh Beckett (80 Ks, 66 hits); Ervin Santana (76 Ks, 73 hits); Cole Hamels (73 Ks, 71 hits); Randy Johnson (67 Ks, 65 hits); Shawn Marcum (!?!?! -- 71 Ks, 59 hits); Ryan Dempster (64 Ks, 56 hits); and Jake Peavy (60 Ks, 48 hits).

-- Jorge Cantu and Mike Jacobs went deep today. The Marlins aren't cooling off. If anyone dropped Willingham and his never ending injury woes, take a chance on sliding him onto your bench or into a free DL slot.

-- Did you take a second opportunity to buy low on C.C.? No? Too late now.

-- Ryan Ludwick is not only having a monster year, but people still don't believe. I'm one of them, but if he hits 40 by the All-Star break, I might come around.

-- Geovany Soto hit one out, which means his finger has hopefully healed. Dioner Navarro is now splitting time with him in my big-money league. Which means that Dioner plays when Soto sits. I thought about offering Navarro for Victor Martinez, but that would be too much of a hit in four categories. HAHAHAHA. Sorry Martinez owners, but it's just too easy.

-- Lastings Milledge has three home runs and four steals over his last 13 games. You could do worse for a fifth outfielder.

-- Your time to buy low on C.J. Wilson, similarly to Brian Wilson, is closing fast.

-- Vlad Guerrero finally showed some signs of life today. If you can -- sell, sell, sell. You may remember that way back in our Draft Guide series, I warned you that Vlad was going to have a bad year. And he was fairly unique in that I was basing this bit of prognostication largely on what my eyes told me over the 2007 season: he got old fast, and if he's going to salvage the rest of his career, he needs to DH and save his legs.


Don Ford said...

I might offer up Vlad and Chris Young for M Cabrera and Granderson... your thoughts?

Bob Taylor said...

Do it and pray that the other manager takes it! I trust M-Cab to have a great second half way more than I do Vlad.