Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- So much for Manny Parra being my team's ERA/WHIP savior. At least he got the win.

-- Tom Gordon, you sonuva.... You just had to blow Hamel's Hamels' Hamels's masterpiece, didn't you?

-- Two more home runs for Jorge Cantu. This can't continue. Can it?

-- Nothing quite like looking forward to a few of your players at Coors Field, only to turn on the game see that it's tied 0-0 in the last few innings. That's just fantastic.

-- I think a few servers may have went down in the rush to pick up Brandon Morrow. I hope you all appreciate that I missed out on him in one league because I took the time to post about it here first. Or, if you don't, I'll live.

-- Felix Hernandez, pulled after the eighth. He was at 97 pitches. John McLaren may have finally gotten the message: don't pitch him into the ground.

--Victor Martinez injured himself today. He's going to be cut in quite a few leagues. I recommend you pick him up. And not play him until he gets a home run or July 1 rolls around. Whichever comes first. I would not trade low for him. His problems are too inexplicable -- or are they ... dum dum DUM -- for me to trust that he's going to suddenly turn things around.

-- What can you do if you're an Alfonso Soriano owner? You're probably looking for a center fielder, and that's a thin position. Ummm... Nick Swisher still available in your league?

-- Albert Pujols went down with a calf injury. We warned you he was an injury risk back in our Draft Guide series. Now, you might say: "We warned you about the elbow, and that has nothing to do with his calf." Whatever. He blew out his calf compensating for his injured elbow. Happy now?

-- Andy LaRoche: one home run down, six more this year to go.


Anonymous said...

his last name is Hamels not Hamel.

You just had to blow Hamels' masterpiece.

client-9 said...

You know your getting big time when the grammar police show up.

David said...

I second that.

Bob Taylor said...

Also ... "You know YOU'RE getting big time ..."

We grammar police from our side too, bitches!!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

client-9 said...

Drats... foiled again...

now can someone comment on my trade ideas please?

I'm offering up Vlad and Bengie Molina for Miguel Cabrera and V Mart (I already own Ryan Dommit also)

and I'm offering a different guy Vlad for Tim Lincecum... thoughts?

Bob Taylor said...

Sure, why not? Cabrera will be better than Vlad from here on out, and that's really the linchpin of the deal. I wouldn't start V-Mart over Doumit at any point, though. (Unless Doumit gets hurt again -- always a possibility.)

And I'd DEFINITELY swap Vlad for Lincecum, assuming you need SP and have a suitable OF replacement.

Mike Bock said...

Unless your name is "Jesus" or "Moses", it should be "Hamels's", IIRC.

Bob Taylor said...

I thought the rule of thumb was use the "s's" only if you pronounce them both. And you wouldn't say "Ham-els-es" masterpiece, would you? Hmm, I could be wrong. I've actually never been good with possessives. I'll have to look it up.