Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Oh, how I hate Oliver Perez. Two stalwart starts in a row? After I cut him in three leagues? Damn.

-- Ryan Howard: Doing what Ryan Howard has done the last two years. Prince Fielder: Doing what Prince Fielder did in 2006 -- which is be a middle of the round CI. What's the difference? The consumption of cooked animal flesh.

-- Kind of a dull day around baseball on Friday. Ian Stewart did hit two home runs. He's likely now added in all deep leagues. He'll then be dropped when he's sent down to Triple-A in about three weeks.

-- Barry Zito: the $126-million joke you can't stop laughing at.

-- Ryan Doumit hit his ninth home run on Thursday, seemingly all of them coming in the last week. I think at one point he was 9-for-11 with four home runs.

-- Billy Wagner's potential backups are being snatched up like crazy. Aaron Heilman and Feliciano, if you're scrounging for saves, are worth looking at. Three blown saves in a row? It must be physical. He is old.

-- Putz went on the DL. Morrow's peripherals scare me. Not because they're bad, but because they're too good. He'll probably keep the K-rate up, but there's going to be some torchings in the next few weeks. Particularly with that high school caliber defense behind him.

-- Jonathan Sanchez's win on Thursday was probably small consolation for the owners who had to absorb his seven earned runs. It still doesn't compare to Russ Ortiz's gem of a few years back -- 10 earned runs and he received the win. Epic.

-- Jeremy Guthrie, how could you?

-- If you own any of the myriad players suspended in the Tampa Bay v. Boston brawl, make sure you bench them accordingly. Carl Crawford, for example, is out for four games. I almost forgot to remove him.

-- Troy Glaus has six home runs in the last 15 days. Eh. Is your league super deep?

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