Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- I was really excited to see that Darrell Rasner apparently pitched a great game for me. Only to discover that he had been mysteriously pushed back to Wednesday. Gargh.

-- Jeff Clement: catchers be scarce, yo.

-- Another home run for Orlando Cabrera. Outperforming Derek Jeter across the board and red hot.

-- Time to sell Kevin Youkilis. Just punch up his splits for the second half over the course of his career. I'd sell for 80 cents on the dollar. Target a slumping CI.

-- Brandon Morrow looks like he has a dominant fastball. Utterly explosive. And ... not much else. I know they thought about making this guy a starter, but he has closer written all over him. I'm putting the over/under on his saves this season at 15.

-- Manny Parra lives to pitch another day for my team. The Brewers are at their most dangerous when no one's on base. Four of their five home runs today were solo shots, and it seems like Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, and Russell Branyan hit nothing else.

-- Randy Wolf was on the road, so you knew better. Right?

-- Marcus Thames: to be ridden while he's hot. Err ... that didn't come out quite right.

-- Matt Garza: looking good over the last month, and the Rays are winning.

-- Jerry Manuel put his stamp on the New York Mets by yanking Jose Reyes from a game. This resulted in an embarassing hissy fit. Anyone hear Omar Minaya's press conference regarding Randolph's removal? He's quite the wordsmith. Or not.

-- It's tough to get excited about Chase Headley for no other reason than the stadium he plays in. You can repeat that sentence for every position player on the Padres not named Adrian Gonzalez.

-- Felix Hernandez has four straight wins and in 28 2/3rd innings has allowed three earned runs (all coming today). He has 29 Ks over that stretch. The King has arrived!

Update: How could I have missed that he pitched an immaculate inning, striking out the side in the fourth on nine pitches?! Despite the fact that it's happened twice in about a two weeks time (Rich Harden did it recently), it's actually really, really rare.


Don Ford said...

Fantasy Hurler Staff!

Tell me what you think of the trade I just made.

I gave up- Vladdy G, Pedro, and Thome

and recived- Miggy C, Randy Johnson, and Health Bell

My OF is already stacked, and my previous 3B was Troy Glaus so I'm pretty happy about this one. A nice trade for me?

Bob Taylor said...

I think so. I still believe Miggy's going to turn it on in the second half, while all three guys you got rid of are expendable. I know Mike thinks Vlad is already way past his prime, and I agree with that sentiment entirely.

Mike Bock said...

Who the hell offered you that trade? Nice theft.