Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Lot of big name pitchers are going down. Chien Ming Wang: if he pitches again this year, I'll be surprised. Arizona might have overused both Brandon Webb and Randy Johnson, both of whom have struggled for about a month now. Carlos Zambrano may not be indestructible, after all. Bartolo Colon was likely cut in every league over the last few days.

-- Jeremy Guthrie deserved a win today, he really did. He, Manny Parra, Darrell Rasner, Mike Mussina, and the San Diego pitchers AT HOME top my list of SP fill-ins you should target. Sidney Ponson? Well, in AL-only leagues, at Yankee stadium, if you're desperate.

-- Okay, this new shortstop for Kansas City, Aviles, looks like he's for real. Probably being snatched up as we speak in all leagues.

-- C.J. Wilson, I'm starting to wish I'd dumped you for Brandon Morrow. Dude gets killed in every. Single. Non-save. Situation. It's like clockwork.

-- If the Marlins battle the Rays for the championship, what will we call it? The "Our State Doesn't Care About Baseball" series?

-- Derek Jeter is earning more than $20 million this year. And he still isn't even close to being the most overpaid player. Not while Barry Zito continues to draw a salary every fifth day to give up more walks (!!) than strikeouts.

-- Orlando Cabrera: this is the last day I pimp him, because he won't be a free agent even in shallow leagues after this week.

-- Alex Rodriguez is the 45th ranked player in Yahoo despite missing all that time. This is why you don't trade him for Matt Kemp and Alex Gordon.


Don Ford said...

Should I drop Heath Bell for Zumaya?

Mike Bock said...

You need to find someone else to drop.