Friday, June 20, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Prince Fielder hustling around the bases while Alex Rios stood there like an idiot was absolutely hysterical. Run, fat vegan, run! The only thing more shocking than Prince getting an inside-the-park job was the fact that he had apparently done it before.

-- My all-bust pitching squad includes Dave Bush in '07. (Ervin Santana, Chan Ho Park, Joe Mays, and Mark Prior round out the rotation.) Yet, he somehow came within five outs of a no-hitter last night. The gods must be laughing. Ryan Braun's leaping attempt at Lyle Overbay's eventual triple wouldn't have looked so gutsy if he dislocated his shoulder, which looked very possible.

-- Carlos Pena ... what might have been. Start looking for power elsewhere.

-- I finally cut Adam LaRoche. He'll still be available when he turns it around (again). I needed the room for Jeff Keppinger, who should be picked up in all league formats.

-- Evan Longoria, inching towards shortstop eligibility. If he gets it, next year he's going to be going in the first five or six rounds.

-- C.J. Wilson ... nothing official yet, but you probably read my post below.

-- Carlos Marmol: human after all. I had my doubts.

-- I find it hysterical that Rajai Davis, he of the 71 at-bats, is in the top 30 in stolen bases in '08 (with 11). There's a lesson to be learned here: get steals early, or you're probably not going to get them at all.

-- Shortstop has joined catcher as a fantasy black hole. There are four shortstops in the top 100 of Yahoo rankings (and Michael Young has been brickshitting all over rosters for weeks now). There's only six players with more than 10 stolen bases, and only five with seven or more home runs. Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, and Miguel Tejada are worth their weight in gold.

-- You want to know who my fifth starter is? It's Mr. "I'm facing the Mariners today" Doe. Jorge Campillo and Jair Jurrjens are my next two candidates.


Bob Taylor said...

Bush's no-hit bid shouldn't be surprising for one reason -- he was pitching against the Jays. Ask Shaun Marcum how effective their offense is.

Don Ford said...

Even Gammons is cracking on the jays... he cited their sub-.200 average when ahead in the count 3-1, saying "these guys have absolutely no idea how to hit"