Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Chunks o' Hurl ... nice.

-- Buchholz will be gone in every league by the weekend. Grab him now. Fuentes has got to be on the move.

-- This Baker kid at Colorado has a spot on my bench for the foreseeable future. Plays in Colorado, red hot, multi-position eligibility, and Clint Barmes and Troy Tulowitzki(y?) aren't exactly lighting the world on fire. In a perfect world, Todd Helton would get his ass benched (he sucks), Garrett Atkins would move to first, and Ian Stewart would man third. Unfortunately the Rockies apparently are contractually obligated to play Todd Helton until he actually metamorphosizes into Sean Casey. Which will happen by July.

-- Alex Rios went deep! Holy shit! Sound the alarms! Somewhere an owner of both Bronson Arroyo and Darrell Rasner is crying himself to sleep. Rasner against Pittsburgh looked like a good stream on paper ... yipes.

-- Dave Bush is pitching as though his career depends on it. And it probably is. Only 24 walks in 85ish innings. If he hadn't burned me so badly last year, I'd take a chance in deep leagues.

-- Josh Hamilton wasn't going to keep it up all year, and with the limited amount of baseball he's seen over the last few years due to his penchant for narcotics, I had a hunch injuries would start to creep up. If he comes back and is healthy for a week or two, move him.

-- Pretend you're selling Youkilis due to his black eye, but actually sell him because he sucks after the break.

-- I'm not sure why Joe Torre left the increasingly ineffective and obviously gassed Derek Lowe out there to get trounced for four runs. Maybe it's because he's incredibly overrated as a manager?

-- Don't look now, but Salomon Torres has been torched in two straight outings got torched yesterday. He's also up to 45ish innings already. The numbers are great, but if you can get full closer price for him, move him. One or two more outings like this, and you should start looking for a replacement.

-- You cannot go 100% all the time and stay healthy. It's irresponsible to your body and your team. Felix Hernandez has a million-dollar arm and the quintessential ten-cent head. He's lucky his ankle isn't broken. That isn't the first boneheaded "hustle" play he's made this year.


Scott said...

Hey Mike,

What prompts the comment regarding Bucholz? Did something happen to Fuentes recently that I missed? I know he is a candidate to become a setup man.


Bob Taylor said...

Fuentes is going to be traded real, real soon to someone who probably won't use him as a closer.

Mike Bock said...

Several teams have reportedly expressed interest in Fuentes.

Scott said...

Do you think it will happen this soon? I'd imagine they might wait for the night of the deadline to jack up his price.

JR Ewing said...

Fuentes??? Crap, I just picked up Clay Buchholz.

...I keed, I keed.

Tom said...

torres hasn't been torched in two straight outings. check his game log. the homer by teixeira was his first earned runs since June 12.

Mike Bock said...

Ack, you're right.

That's stil a lot of innings.