Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- I have had useful fantasy players this season not get nine RBI over two or three weeks. Carlos Delgado, for one shining day, you weren't worthless (which is what you've been over the rest of 2008).

-- Geovany Soto is pissing me off. Actually, the Chicago Cubs 7-8-9 hitters are pissing me off. How do you have 74 hits, 37 walks, and 13 home runs in 260 plate appearances yet score only 27 runs? Is that even possible?

-- Sorry Jared Weaver, and whatever random Angels reliever combined with you on your no-hitter (in a losing effort). These things happen. Once every 20 years or so. Joe Torre sure managed the hell out of that game.

-- Manny Parra: I'm starting to believe.

-- Johnny Cueto: still not believing.

-- Sidney Ponson: I believe that he will never be more valuable than he is at this exact moment.

-- Lot of injuries over the last few days. Magglio Ordonez, Dan Uggla (that one hurts), and Josh Hamilton (hamstring, hand). I still think Chris Davis is worth picking up.

-- It kills me to say this, but I'd think about "trading high" on Adam Dunn. He seems to have a knack for solo home runs, and he's stealing no bases (one, thus far). Believe it or not, the 5-10 stolen bases he chips in per year really added to his 5x5 value, considering the batting average liability he represents. Figure he'll hit 40, you've already benefited from half of his year-end total so try to move him for a five tool threat.

-- C.C. Sabathia: hope someone listened to my advice and bought low. I did (and traded him after a few starts for Mariano Rivera), and you may end up with the number one pitcher in the American League from May onwards.


Russ said...

about C.C.:
i drafted the best may-on AL pitcher in the 17th round, John Lackey. and I didn't even have to suffer through a horrendous April either...

Steve Lorenz said...

Thank you for mentioning Soto's lack of runs. He scored a season-high 3 last night.