Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fantasy Err....*sigh*

-- Well, after Oliver Perez's implosion, I tried Jorge Campillo (failure) and Daniel Cabrera (more failure). Tomorrow, John Lannan gets his shot at my No. 5 starter. If he creates a quadrifecta of disaster, I'm going to give Manny Parra a looksie. Yay me.

-- Every time I wonder why Aaron Cook is a free agent in all my leagues, I take a look at him and remember that he's striking out a batter every other inning ... on a good night.

-- The White Sox, collectively, may be breaking out of their funk. Just about everyone other than Carlos Quentin may be a free agent in your league. Keep an eye on all of them.

-- Looks like the DL stashing of Joel Zumaya and Mike Gonzalez may pay dividends this year.

-- Carl Crawford played today. Whew.

-- Carlos Pena, obviously taking the hex off Crawford, goes on the DL with a broken finger. Going to be tough to replace that kind of Mendoza line production.

-- Milton Bradley is a player I love to hate, but I'd love to think I'd drafted him.

-- I refuse to believe in Garko turning it around. The burns run too deep.

-- I feel so bad for poor John McLaren, he's a victim of circumstance ... which he partly created due to his mismanagement of just about every aspect of Seattle baseball. I think what Seattle needs to do is have a good bench clearing brawl to clear the air. I hear this guy's a free agent:


Don Ford said...

I watched that BOS/TB game on ESPN and Crawford didn't look near 100%. He got on in the first and a ball went through to right center and he just went station to station over to second base. That's a ball Crawford always goes 1st to 3rd on. At least he's playing but don't expect a ton of steals right away.

Bob Taylor said...

Yeah, Parra is who I picked up when I cut Ollie in my money league. Although that's a weekly league, so I still have to absorb a Perez start this weekend. (At least it's at Petco ... but I'm sure it'll be a disaster too.)

Don Ford said...

Parra's looking sharp, he had one bad outing bloating his ERA but his k's are there.

I've got Pedro at the back end of my rotation but if he gets hurt or struggles I think Parra might get the call.