Monday, June 16, 2008

Fantasy sports via Xbox Live?

I didn't even know that videogame behemoth Electronic Arts (better known as EA) ran a fantasy-football service. Apparently, they do. And as Joystiq points out in an interesting article posted today, EA is offering their '08 fantasy-football players a couple of new features that are accessed using either Xbox Live or the Playstation network.

The first is the Live Draft Tracker, which according to EA "imports league and team information from the website, tracks the draft, and then uploads completed draft results back to the website saving the commish a lot of time and effort." Basically, if you want to hold a live draft with your buddies, you can do it around the widescreen TV (with fancy graphics announcing each draft pick) rather than sitting at a table with pen and paper.

The second new feature is the Live Score Tracker, which is basically the same thing as Yahoo's StatTracker -- it'll give you live updated results for your fantasy team. But EA is quick to point out that, since your PS3 or 360 is hooked up to your TV, you can use the picture-in-picture function to track your stats while you watch actual football games.

Taking advantage of these special features will cost you, though EA has yet to specify exactly how much. I wouldn't make it more than $10 if I was them, otherwise I'll remain more than happy to take a quick jaunt upstairs to check fantasy stats on my computer. I need the exercise anyway. And the draft tracker would be a lot cooler if managers who can't make the live draft but go online with their 360 or PS3 could still participate.

As far as I can tell, EA doesn't do fantasy baseball, but being that they like to get their grubby fingers in everything, there's no reason to doubt that they eventually will. If so, expect to see all of this Xbox/Playstation stuff ported over to their fantasy-baseball biz.

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