Monday, June 30, 2008

Line of the Day: Nick Swisher

True story: I know a guy in a league who, about a month ago, traded away Josh Hamilton and Dana Eveland for Nick Swisher and Brad Penny. When I asked why he would do such a thing, the guy simply replied that, from that point forward, he felt Swisher would put up much better numbers than Hamilton. Currently, it's too close to call on whether such a bold prediction will prove to be true. But with Hamilton banged up and Swisher raking like he did tonight, this guy I know is looking less crazy by the day.

Nick Swisher: 2-for-4, 2 runs, 2 HR, 5 RBI


david said...

I contest this. Last night (June 30), Mark DeRosa went 3-for-4, with 3 runs, 2 home runs, 6 RBI, and a walk. How is not better than Nick Swisher's line?

Bob Taylor said...

You're right -- it is better. It's the curse of the late West Coast game. I picked Swisher for Line of the Day minutes before DeRosa belted his second home run. Although, I could probably still argue that Swisher's day carries more fantasy weight than DeRosa's.

david said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "fantasy weight." Mark DeRosa is owned in every league I play in -- and who wouldn't have started him against wonder-child Barry Zito?