Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Looks like the only thing Smoltz will be closing ...

... is the book on his season.

Remember just the other day when I was bitching about my Soriano-Acosta quagmire? Well, those guys may not be any good but they're all Bobby Cox has right now. The AJC is reporting that Smoltz will announce later this hour that he must undergo season-ending (and possibly career-threatening) shoulder surgery. Soriano and Acosta owners probably want to hold onto them ... at least until Mike Gonzalez comes back and once again muddies the situation.


Quintilian B. Nasty said...

So who do you think gains the job out of that murky quagmire? I'm thinking Gonzalez.

Bob Taylor said...

That's EXACTLY what I'm thinking ... and quite frankly it sucks. So I have to pick ANOTHER Braves guy up who may or may not be getting saves at some point? Ugh.

But the fact is Bobby Cox never seemed to trust Acosta with the job and that was even before tonight's four-runs-in-the-ninth debacle. God only knows if Soriano can stay healthy. And he's already blown one of two save opps since returning.

Gonzalez was a good closer with Pittsburgh and his rehab lines have looked good. Once he's back, I could definitely see Cox at least putting him in during a few save situations to see how he does.