Thursday, June 19, 2008

Russell Branyan fears no outfield fence

Russell Branyan is 6-foot-3, 32 years old and has played on eight major-league teams in his career (and that's not counting one of two stints with the Brewers). He hit 20 home runs and struck out 132 times in 315 at-bats with Cleveland in 2001, though I have no memory of this. He appears to be one of those career minor-league guys who occasionally gets called up to fill a hole and take some whacks against big-league pitching.

On Tuesday, I picked him up in my bloggers league because, with Nady and Church both down, I needed a quick fix at OF and Branyan had fancy duel eligibility going on. Oh, and also because he had already hit eight home runs since being called up on May 25. I stuck him in my lineup on Wednesday, and he blasted number nine. Today, he smacked a three-run homer for number 10. Sometimes the fantasy baseball gods smile on you.

Apparently, Branyan was called up to platoon at third base with Bill Hall, but I would think that 10 home runs in 20 games will put Bill Hall's ass on the bench right quick. We all know this hot streak won't last forever. But for a fantasy manager with a banged up outfield, he's a godsend ... if only until my normal guys heal up.

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