Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sherrill and Capps have a crazy couple of days

Fantasy players who own both George Sherrill and Matt Capps -- and their must be many out there -- had a lively couple of days this weekend. The Bucs and Birds started a three-game series on Friday, and on Saturday, the Orioles took a one-run lead to the ninth inning ... which Sherrill then promptly blew, giving up a two-run homer to Adam LaRoche. So the Pirates send Capps out to lock it down ... and he blows the save, giving up a homer to Oscar Salazar (his first ever) and a walk-off single to Robert Hernandez. Sherrill vultures a win.

Then Sunday rolls around. Game three of the series. Pittsburgh takes a two-run lead into the ninth. Capps in again ... to blow his second save in two days, thanks to a two-run shot by Brian Roberts. Tie game. (Though because of a Jose Bautista error, both runs were unearned.) Sherrill comes in for the top of the 10th and immediately walks Jason Bay. Ryan Doumit singles him to third, and two batters later, LaRoche singles in the go-ahead run. Capps comes back out for the bottom of the 10th. The way things had been going, Pirates fans and Capps owners likely feared the worse. But Capps breezed through the inning 1-2-3 to protect his own vulture win.

So to tally this all up, if you had Capps and Sherrill this Saturday and Sunday, you ended up with three blown saves, five earned runs, two wins and two losses. You also ended up emotionally drained, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

By the way, I don't know why Sherrill had such a lousy weekend -- maybe 'cause he's George Sherrill and it was bound to happen? -- but Capps, who's now blown three saves in four chances, has lost a few MPH on his fastball since last year. He'd been getting by with it earlier in the season, but now it looks like he's going to have to pitch a little smarter rather than challenging everyone with the high heat. (Especially on that first pitch, which hitters had been jumping on lately.) In that second inning today, he worked the changeup a lot more than he usually does. In my weekly lineup league where I own Capps, I'm actually starting Fuentes instead this week, just till I see Matt get back on track.

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