Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Site news: Labels and ads

A few notes about some recent changes with our site. First of all, the long list of player-name labels that used to run at the bottom of our right-side column has been removed -- it just got too big and unwieldy. That doesn't mean those labels don't still work, though. At the end of any post you can click on a player's name in the labels section to see all posts about that player. Or you can run a search using the box in the upper left-hand corner. Just type in a player's name and let Blogger search the site for you. If you don't trust Blogger's results, just go to the first correct post the search brings up and click on the player's label. Easy enough, right?

Also, you might notice that we've dropped those boring Google text ads in favor of more vibrant image-based ads, which we think make the site look better. If you like what we do at the Hurler, we wouldn't mind if you clicked on these new ads every now and then. At some point, we'd like to move off Blogger to our own servers -- and get a fancy new design to boot -- but we need to be making a little bit of money first! Your help in that regard is always appreciated.


waters96 said...

I will definitely click on the ads every time I'm on. I liked the names that ran along the side, but the search function will be fine. Finally, I actually like the look of the site - it's very clean. But the most important thing is the content. You guys are funny and insightful, a great combination. Thanks for the great work!!!

Bob Taylor said...

Thanks, waters96! We truly appreciate the kind words. Keep reading and we'll keep writing.