Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sort of like an Errata, but not really an Errata 'cause Mike didn't write it

What a long, terrible headline that was, huh? But what's a guy to do when he's got a couple bullet points of his own, stuff that our esteemed Mike Bock didn't cover, that he wants to throw up for our devoted readers? My occasional short observations need a home too, damn it! They also need a moniker to distinguish them from Mike's Errata (which is like a world-destroying brand name at this point that I wouldn't dare co-opt), but I couldn't come up with one this morning. Any suggestions? While you think on that, here's some non-Errata errata ...

-- Brad Hawpe came off the DL Friday and blasted a two-run homer. Then yesterday, he hit a grand slam. After a shitty April and May, everyone probably forgot that he had 116 RBI last year. Hell, I even gave him up as a throw-in on a trade earlier this month. But that manager ended up cutting him days later when he suddenly needed the DL spot. So I picked him back up today.

-- Thank you, Oliver Perez. Now, I'm not saying run and pick Ollie up. Trust me, owning him is not worth the perpetual migraine. But I had to take on one more start from him in my weekly-lineup money league yesterday, and he rewarded me with 5 1/3 innings, five Ks and only one earned run. It was quite the relief, considering the horrifying numbers the guy had been posting recently.

-- Ryan Church sat for the second-straight day yesterday. The Mets are being sketchy about it, but it's obvious he's having concussion-related problems again. They need to just put him on the DL until all side effects are long, long gone.

-- Huzzah! Jeremy Guthrie got a win yesterday, his third on the year. If the fantasy gods were fair and just, he'd have so many more. Guthrie has eight quality starts in 10 outings this season and has never given up more than four runs in a game. I own him on all three of my fantasy teams. I just wish he'd earn that coveted W more often.

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