Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vulture Alert! *Insert Sound a Vulture Makes* Vulture Alert!

Closer situations must be jumped upon forthwith. The Texas Rangers won't commit to C.J. Wilson as their long term closer, indicating that the coaching staff would talk it over that night. Wilson has been absolutely brutal lately. Just shit smearingly awful.

Eddie Guardado is being picked up in all formats even as we speak. There's a pretty clear depth chart, and he's next in line. Everyday Eddie's arm looks healthy, and his overall numbers are a damned sight better than C.J.'s (although neither is a K-monger).

In other closer fronts, I still think Taylor Buchholz and someone-not-as-highly-paid-as-Kevin Gregg will be closing for the Rockies and Marlins, respectively, this year. If the Marlins can find anyway to sell the change to their fans, they'll do it. Gregg's walking at the end of the year, anyway.

Joakim Soria
and Mariano Rivera have both closed for three straight days. I'm thinking Ramon Ramirez and Kyle Farnsworth are good vulture possibilities for tomorrow. Farnsworth has thrown two straight days himself, but only 32 pitches. If there's someone else you like in the N.Y. pen, go for it.

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