Friday, June 20, 2008

Vulture alert!

According to Mariners interim GM Lee Pelokudos, Brandon Morrow did not travel with the team to Atlanta due to back spasms. Which, as we all know, can be a euphemism for all kinds of shit.

Thanks to KJR 950 for the news. Mark Lowe should now be picked up in any format where he's available, and where an owner is hungry/desperate for saves. Morrow's obviously the better pitcher, but vulture saves are vulture saves, and at least Lowe's striking out a batter an inning. His ratios look pretty brutal, but take away two appearances where he allowed nine runs and it looks a lot better (kind of like saying that if you ignore the harelip, that chick begging for change by the bus stop looks pretty good).

Neither Yahoo nor Rotoworld have picked up on this yet, so strike while the iron's hot!


Anonymous said...

Don't try to read between the lines...the back spasms are just that, back spasms.

Mike Bock said...

Brandon Morrow has an extensive injury history, but thus far, this has been reported has nothing more than back spasms.

Regardless: free vulture save opportunities are not to be passed up.