Thursday, July 3, 2008

All-Waiver Wire Team

We're about at the halfway point, so let's take a look at my All-Waiver Wire team (assuming a 22 man roster). These are players who I would have reasonably expected to have gone undrafted in 95%+ of Yahoo standard leagues.

C: Gerald Laird would have won this, but he managed to get injured. The position is so darned thin that I'm not sure if there's anyone even worthy. I'm going to go with Dioner Navarro. His run/RBI numbers aren't there, but he isn't killing you in home runs, you don't care about the steals, and he's batting well above .300.

1B: Aubrey Huff and his 15 or so home runs not only made this list, he and Jorge Cantu are neck and neck for fantasy comeback player of the year. It wasn't that long this guy was belting 25-30ish home runs. Then the suckitude started. Well, he's been a huge steal this year.

2B: This is another position where it's tough to calculate who might have gone undrafted ... guys like The Riot and Jose Lopez were probably snagged in at least 5%+ of drafts. Luis Castillo's been in and out the lineup too much to go with him. The winner is Akinori Iwamura, who's giving you top 15-20 production at the position, and who was probably had for free.

3B: The easy choice is Mark Reynolds, but I'm not so sure he was a waiver wire in the majority of leagues. No, I'll go with Evan Longoria, who in a limited number of at-bats has been dominant. And he seems to be getting better. I still don't think he'll hit .275, though.

SS: In a position that's become an abysmal pit of despair, Cristian Guzman has been a shining beacon of hope.

CI: I'm going to have to go with my man Jorge Cantu here, who's dual-eligibility power has been a godsend for quite a few fantasy teams. Good thing his errors won't count in most leagues.

MI: You can't sneeze at a near 100-run pace and .315+ batting average for free: Placido Polanco, come on down.

OF: Carlos Quentin: Holy shit, did the Diamondbacks screw up by letting him go for nothing and signing Eric Byrnes to a contract that every fantasy owner in America could have told them was a really bad idea.

OF: I don't think Nate McLouth went undrafted in too many leagues, so I'll go with J.D. Drew for the second spot. Which actually causes me physical pain to type.

OF: Ryan Ludwick. Where the hell did he come from?

OF: I dropped Jose Guillen. That hurts. I did pick up Carlos Quentin. Which makes me feel better.

OF: Has Xavier Nady finally cured his post-April blues? So far, so good.

UTIL: Milton Bradley, eligible at all three OF positions, gets the nod here. He'll be drafted too high next year.

SPs: I'll just rattle these five guys off: Cliff Lee (makes me sick), Ryan Dempster (??), John Danks (????), Justin Duchscherer, and Jonathan Sanchez. It's real tough trying to think of five guys who weren't drafted in just about any leagues, considering how often fantasy owners go out on a limb for speculative picks. Guys like Jair Jurrjens or Mike Mussina? Actually, they were probably drafted more often than one would expect.

RP: Jon Rauch
RP: Hong-Chi Kuo
RP: Taylor Buchholz
RP: Salomon Torres

You could have a top three bullpen from waiver-wire acquisitions alone. Think about that.

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