Monday, July 21, 2008

Bits o' Hurl

People finally did start sending me some excellent suggestions for the name of this column (thanks, y'all), but I don't think I was sold on any of them. I will agree that Chunks o' Hurl may have been a bit too much. Bits o' Hurl sounds a little less revolting, so we'll go with that for now. Anyway, on to the show ...

-- Right before the All-Star Break, a guy in my money league dropped Carlos Delgado. Why this manager chose to cut bait with Delgado right when he finally started heating up, I do not know. But I grabbed him, and these were his numbers in the post-All-Star shortened week, his first in my lineup: 8-for-13, .667 OBP, 3 runs, 1 HR, 5 RBI. Uh, yeah ... he's my starting DH until further notice.

-- In that same league, I've built a world-class pitching staff using almost nothing but other managers' castoffs. I did draft James Shields, but my other four current starters are Matt Garza (cut by a manager when he got hurt); Manny Parra (cut by a manager after he gave up six runs in 4.1 innings in May); Jon Lester (literally cut the morning of his no-hitter); and Jeremy Guthrie (cut by a manager who's since tried to convince me to trade him back). Of 14 teams, I currently have the 13 in ERA and the 12 in WHIP. I don't fare quite as well in wins and strikeouts, although both have been on the rise. Parra put together another gem yesterday: 7.2 IP, 2 ER, 9 K for the W.

-- Three seventh-inning home runs gave Mike Pelfrey a weird line yesterday: 6.43 ERA, 1.00 WHIP. Whenever those numbers are so far apart, you just know dudes were going yard against your pitcher. (And, yes, I picked him up for a spot start in one league.)

-- Mark Teahen's back to not being very good. He's hitting .215 over the last month. His teammate Billy Butler had a nice weekend, though, with two home runs and seven RBI on Friday and Saturday. Maybe he's finally ready to show something more than just promise?

-- Stop the fucking presses! Alex Rios hit a home run yesterday! I demand a ticker-tape parade! Actually, I demand he keep producing the way he has this entire month. He's up to 12 RBI in July, which would make it his most-productive month since April, even with the All-Star break and despite the fact that July's not even over yet. Quietly, Alex may be turning it on. If he rediscovers his power stroke, he could really help your team make a late-season move.

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