Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bits o' Hurl

-- The winds at Wrigley actually carried a Geovany Soto fly ball OUT of the park yesterday, as opposed to pushing it back IN, an occurrence I witnessed way too many times in April and May.

-- At first thought, it might sound like a win for Xavier Nady owners that he's moving from Pittsburgh to New York. But Pirate hitters have actually outperformed the Yankees offense this season. (Seriously. Look it up.) And now he has to face a whole gaggle of pitchers he's never seen before. As a Nady owner in two leagues, I'm concerned.

-- I think Manny Parra's outing yesterday was better than the box score indicates. He was cruising until the seventh, which, according to Yahoo, started like this: T. Wigginton walked. H. Pence singled to shortstop, T. Wigginton to second. H. Quintero reached on fielder's choice, T. Wigginton to third, H. Pence to second. That deserves a resounding WTF? Parra was then pulled, and the Milwaukee pen allowed all three runs to score.

-- Carlos Delgado's been on my money-league team less than two weeks, but he's already hit three home runs for me, has tallied 11 RBI and is carrying a .541 OBP. It's the free-agent pickup that just could win me $1,000 this year.

-- Hey, Matt Garza. No strikeouts on Thursday? Zero? Against the Royals? Seriously?

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