Thursday, July 3, 2008

Confessions of a Deadbeat Owner

My Yahoo player profile is littered with the corpses of public leagues I treated like mock drafts. (That was jackass of me -- sorry!) And I'm currently doing a pisspoor job of monitoring two of the three leagues I'm in. I seem to get in this trap every year. I swear I'll do one league, then it becomes two, and then three or four. I simply can't seem to spread my attention over more than a league at a time. Blargh. While I haven't been a true "deadbeat" in a while, I'm definitely underperforming due to inattention in at least one or two leagues every year.

I always have time for my big-money league. Predictably, I've been hovering in the 2nd/3rd spot, while my other two teams aren't doing so hot. It's not as though I haven't checked in to see how things are going, DL players, make moves, etc. It's just that in competitive leagues, that ain't enough. Unless you hit an absolutely mammoth home run on draft day, you can't finish in the money amongst competitive owners if you're logging in on a bi-weekly basis (in daily transaction leagues).

Next year: I'm playing in one league. Well, I'm sort of stuck in a keeper league, so I guess two. Shit. I'm doing it again.


daCommish said...

I wish more people would admit to using Yahoo Public leagues simply as a drafting tool (and quit doing it too).
There are plenty of "mock draft" sites out there to help with strategies for pay leagues.
I am in 10 leagues this season (that's right, TEN) and have seen way too many teams bail after the drafts and more bail now that football leagues are opening.
And you all call yourselves addicts?

Bob Taylor said...

I'm playing in three leagues this year. I call them my "For Money" league (with friends, $1000 at stake); my "For Respect" league (against other fantasy bloggers); and my "For Fun" league (with one buddy, a bunch of guys I don't know and one ex-All-Star major-league pitcher ... who, being new to the group and all, I don't think I should name).

That's plenty for me. And while I'm doing well playing for money and fun (3rd of 14 and 2nd of 16, respectively), I'm not getting much in the way of respect (9th of 12).

client9 said...

I'm in 2 leagues and pay close attention and winning both...2 is a perfect number for me