Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Bob kind of stole my thunder on Nick Swisher, but I picked him up for free in more than one league. He hit 35 home runs a few years back, and Cellular Field is a great ballpark for home runs once it heats up.

-- Big day for replacement closers. Jon Rauch has the job all year, as Chad Cordero is out for the season. Dan Wheeler is probably disappearing from waiver wires at a prodigious pace given Percival's hamstring woes. And Brian Fuentes's five earned runs were something real special. Fuck being traded, he may be replaced by Buchholz for performance reasons. And Eddie Guardado hurt himself while C.J. Wilson pitched a perfect ninth to close it out against the Yankees. Okay, C.J. isn't a replacement closer, but I've been waiting for him to be replaced for a while.

-- No idea how long Felix Hernandez will be out. Could be just one start, may be a month. He's neither a buy low or a sell high. He's basically a buyer beware. If you're desperate, make a play and see if you can get him for 80 cents on the dollar. It may blow up in your face, but in deep leagues sometimes you have to take risks to dig your way out of a hole.

-- Remember, you shouldn't panic if you're below innings. Particularly if many of your leaguemates are way over. They'll be dropping pitchers left and right the last month and you'll have a field day picking and choosing favorable match-ups.

-- Aviles: best waiver wire aquisition in June? Possibly.

-- You may have missed your chance to sell high on Josh Hamilton. Don't make the same mistake with Lance Berkman. As I've said many times, you should look to trade away players who have completely outperformed your expectations and make you happy every time you see them on your roster. Those are the guys you should try to move, particularly when they are on an unsustainable pace.

-- Manny Ramirez assaulting and shoving to the ground an 50+ year old Red Sox employee? For telling him that he may not be able to acquire 16 tickets to the Red Sox/Astros game on one day notice? That's just Manny being Manny. Pure. Jackass.

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