Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- You would think that Theo Epstein, with his "sabermetric" reasoning, would understand that keeping your best reliever (Papelbon) on the bench during a three-game series in which you are swept by the team leading your division (the Rays) is a bad idea. There were numerous opportunities for Papelbon to come in and make a difference. It is more important to prevent runs when the game is tied, or when you are down one run, then when you are up by two or three runs.

-- Mike Jacobs: sell now or forever hold your peace.

-- I picked up Jim Edmonds yesterday. His swing appears to be tailor made for that ballpark. Wish I'd started him today.

-- This Bowker kid has nine home runs, seemingly all of them in the last three weeks. The biggest reason why the San Francisco hasn't been as horrific as everyone expected is that they've only played about half their initial starting roster for the entire season (mostly due to injuries).

-- Pick up Chris Davis now, or regret it later.

-- If Evan Longoria isn't regretting that contract he just signed quite yet, he will in a year or two. He's looking like he may make a Braun-esque impact (minus the stolen bases). When all is said and done, he may end up getting underpaid by tens of millions of dollars.

-- Ricky Nolasco had a nice spot start for me yesterday against the Washington BOHICAS. Today: I have Johnny Cueto take the hill. I plan on doing this for the indefinite future, unless of course a decent match-up against San Diego pops up. There are some truly putrid offenses this year. Take advantage of them.

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