Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- When did Alex Rios turn into Juan Pierre?

-- Vicente Padilla owners, you must be asking yourself "why me?" The answer: you are a Vicente Padilla owner.

-- Barry Zito struck out 10 Dodgers this Saturday. It will be some time until the shame of this game has been washed clean. Around August 2010.

-- Rich Harden, are those injury rumblings I hear?

-- I have cursed myself for not picking up Mike Mussina for about seven weeks now. Will I pick him up this week? Probably not. He is getting a ridiculous amount of movement on an 85-89 mph fastball. Maybe a little too much movement. He threw a couple "fastballs" that looked like they broke a foot and a half.

-- C.J. Wilson is one resilient motherfucker. He's like a vampire: you apparently need to cut his head off and thrust a stake to his heart to finish him off/remove him from the closer role.

-- Saves are pretty much the luck of the draw, but at this point, K-Rod's save count is just preposterous. You could have two pretty good closers on your team with fewer saves than he's totaled all by himself.

-- Would Adrian Gonzalez hit 50 homers in a more favorable ballpark? Probably.

-- Today is your last opportunity to pick up Jeff Clement. He'll be owned in every league by Monday.


Remis said...

Are you suggesting that Mussina is juicing the ball?

Anonymous said...

News out of Chicago this morning is that the Cubs are hot on Harden's trail. Either he isn't injured or the Cubs just don't realize it. Not that they have a history of such a thing.