Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- C.C. Sabathia is starting this Thursday for Milwaukee. I can't think of a bigger NL-only waiver-wire league switch at the moment. Can you?

-- I'm trying to drum up the energy for a big "The All-Star voting sucks and I can't believe these selections" article, but it's hard. They're just. So. Shitty.

-- Randy Johnson: I drop him, he gets 10 Ks and the wins. Of course, I should have checked to see if he was pitching against San Diego next! Same thing happened with Ricky Nolasco. D'oh.

-- I'm regretting more and more each day that my waiver claim for Chris Davis didn't go through.

--Brad Lidge is quietly having an absolutely stunning season. He still has a reverse WHIP (ERA is lower than his WHIP), which means we should see a bit of a correction soon, but still ... it's been awesome.

-- Ty Wigginton, long ago left for dead, quietly has four home runs in the last week or so. And is 2B eligible.

-- Adam LaRoche: season turnaround #2 is well on its way.

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