Monday, July 14, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- The Milwaukee Brewers are renting C.C. Sabathia for the rest of the year, and it showed last night. Nine innings, 122 pitches ... well, buyer beware.

-- Verlander quietly hasn't allowed more than two earned runs in a start for over a month. Sadly, it may take him another month to get his ERA below 4.00. Still, it's a big, big improvement.

-- Before Sunday's games, C.J. and Brian Wilson had identical 4.46 ERAs and 1.49 WHIPs on the year. Brian: 24 saves, 39 Ks. C.J.: 22 saves, 34 Ks. They must have set a record for most similar stat lines for two closers this far into the season. Heck, it's almost certainly the most similar stat line for two pitchers this far into the season ever (assuming an ordinary amount of innings).

-- Imagine fielding an outfield of Adam Dunn, Nick Swisher, Jack Cust, Chris Young, and Mike Cameron in a standard 5x5 league. That big fat "1" in the batting average category would be a big buzzkill.

-- If a baseball team stages a miraculous late inning comeback by scoring seven-ish runs and capping it with a walk-off homer in extra innings, but it happens in Pittsburgh, does it make a sound?


daCommish said...

Awesome comment about the Pittsburgh game. That stadium was 1/4 "full" at the end of the game.
The Pirates either need to be sellers or buyers at the trade deadline or else the city of Pittsburgh needs to close up shop and get out of the business of Major League Baseball.

Mike Bock said...

It's such a beautiful stadium, too.