Friday, July 18, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Good to have baseball back, even if there were only four games. Adam Dunn, who I most wanted to see in the Home Run Derby, went deep for the 27th time.

-- There are so many closer situations in flux, it's hard to know where to begin. Eddie Guardado should be owned in all leagues, Huston Street, Kevin Gregg, and Brian Fuentes will almost certainly be moved, and there are some seriously old veterans who will probably break down (Percival and Jones). Basically: keep your eyes open.

-- Now's a good time to cut some chaff and restock your unused DL slots. If you're holding on to a marginal bench player, you're better off cutting him, putting somone in your DL that can help you later, and picking back up a replacement level fill-in. Julio Lugo, Rafael Furcal, Chris Young, Mike Napoli ... these guys may come in handy later.

-- If Josh Johnson strikes out more than one batter an inning for a second straight start, I'm buying in NL leagues. and I'm buying and benching in mixed leagues.

-- It is actually stunning how thin middle infield and catching is this year. Truly mind-boggling. I'm looking at my waiver wire week after week and basically shaking my head.

-- I'll be curious to see if Dan Uggla has a hangover from his All-Star Game performance. Three errors, about 18 men left on base, and about 98 close-ups of his "deer in the headlights" expression.

-- It's way too early to dump any category but stolen bases. If by the time your league's trading deadline hits you haven't been able to swing a deal for a difference maker (and there aren't many this year), you're probably going to want to stop playing guys that at best are going to gain you a point or two but hurt you across the board in four other categories. Everything else: it's too early.


david said...

Poor, Dan! I was thinking the same thing when I watched his brutal performance during the All-Star game. I have him on two of my three teams. Hopefully his shoddy defensive work inspires him to go on and do what he does best: hit home runs. (Although, in fairness, I suppose a case can be made that he is truly best at striking out, in which case hitting home runs would be the runner up, but I digress...)

Mike Bock said...

If he wasn't making millions and millions of dollars, I'd feel sorry. Actually, on what could have been the fourth error, when he let the ball bounce off his chest but recovered to throw the runner out, I did feel a bit bad.