Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Manny Ramirez's "attempt" to catch a flyball last night may be the funniest thing I have ever seen on a baseball field. Funnier than Izzy Alcantar's karate kick to the catcher. Funnier than Robin Ventura charging Nolan Ryan. Funnier, even, than that crazy umpire who threw the rosin bag like a grenade while crawling on his hands and knees. As soon as I can post a video link of him completely misplaying the ball on the fly, falling to the turf, trying to scramble back and then collapsing on his ass while rolling onto the ball, I will.

-- Slightly concerned about Jeremy Guthrie. He's in the wrong division, he isn't historically a strike-out artist, and his spirit might be broken.

-- Grant Balfour got the save. Hmm, is Percival confirmed as ready to go? No? Waiver wire pickup -- confirmed.

-- Prince Fielder: step one of his ferocious second-half is complete.

-- Carlos Quentin: second round pick in 2009? Maybe. The Diamondbacks are going to regret that Eric Byrnes contract for a long, long, long time. Always go with young, cheap talent versus old, career-year chicanery.

-- I watched most of Mike Mussina's start on Friday. He struck out a batter an inning. He's been hovering around that mark for a month or two, and after a rough start to the season, looks like he may reach 20 wins for the first time in his career (which is shocking -- I think of him as the most underrated pitcher of my lifetime). The way his career was heading, he was at best a fringe Hall of Famer. Get a bit closer to 300 wins ... who knows?

Anyway, the only other pitcher I can think of in my lifetime with consistently that much movement on non-breaking balls (without throwing 93+) is Greg Maddux. Mussina is throwing some sort of weird 88 mph two-seamer, or something, that is shunting all over the place. When'd he discover that pitch? If he could have thrown it over the last two or three years, why wasn't he? What's changed? It's definitely interesting.


david said...

Please, please, please get a link to that Manny Ramirez video up on the Hurler!

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

I want to see that video, please.

Mussina was one of my best draft picks. Last season was horrible, so I got him cheap. But this season--so far--has been wonderful.