Monday, July 21, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Octavio Dotel: K-machine. Exhibit 12491 why you don't ... eh, never mind. You know the drill.

-- Is it possible that Mariano Rivera ends up as the highest rated pitcher this year? Probably not, but top 5? That would be amazing.

-- Cole Hamels is the pitcher the Phillies hate to score for. I think their lefty sluggers get all out of whack just watching him throw, and it affects their own at-bats.

-- Baseball announcers, stop talking about how a player has done against a particular team. This isn't 1950. Teams change all the fucking time. Against a particular pitcher? Useful. In a particular park? Negligibly useful, but interesting if there's a severe split. He's only had 10 at-bats in [insert situation X]? Then the sample size is so small it will be neither useful nor interesting.

-- Typically folks are amped up for the first two months or so of the year, then are really focusing the last month when winners are "determined." There's a lot of ground to be made up in the summer, when all your compatriots are busy at the beach. When you're on Yahoo StatTracker and you see that Isringhausen came in and got lit up in a save situation, you know that Franklin may have been dropped a bit too early. Percival grabs his hammy and gets yanked? You're on the ball.

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