Friday, July 25, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Just as I told you to buy low on C.C. Sabathia and you didn't listen (I'm not batting 1.000 this year, but I hit motherfucking grand slams on Sabathia and Cantu), I'm now telling you to sell high. His pitch/inning counts are becoming gruesome. Milwaukee obviously doesn't give a crap. They're riding him for all he's worth. Sabathia may be early 2000s Randy Johnson for the rest of the way, but I think he's far more likely to regress or grow incredibly tired.

-- Jeff Baker's become a real useful multi-positional pick-up. He's certainly outperforming early season swiss army knife players like Jeff Keppinger. Go grab him.

-- Matt Cain: if you want something done right, do it yourself.

-- Garrett Atkins stole a base on Tuesday! Wow! Now, only Geovany Soto on my big-money team has yet to steal a base. Considering he plays third base, Atkins's fantasy value would get a nice little boost if he could just manage five to eight steals a year. Too bad he has the nimbleness of a Parkinsons-afflicted tree sloth.

-- Carl Crawford, feel free to crowbar your head out of your own ass anytime.

-- Melvin Mora is on fire. Third base is deep this year, but he shouldn't be a free agent anywhere.

-- Willie Harris has not made a believer of me.

-- It's actually hard for me to type Alex Rios's name. Let's just say if he strings together another ten weeks like the last one, he'll make up for his atrocious first half.

-- Ian Stewart and Adam Lind: must-haves in deep leagues.

-- You can go ahead and drop Ricky Nolasco now. Pick up Josh Johnson instead.

-- Mike Mussina is putting together one of the greatest career turn-arounds for an old pitcher, ever. Even more amazingly, he's doing it without any noticeable change in his mechanics and without a move to the bullpen. It's pretty freakin' remarkable.


Anonymous said...

Willie Harris walks, Jeff Baker doesn't. Willie Harris has even road/home splits, Jeff Baker is agoraphobic outside of Denver. Baker is about to start a long road trip - Harris has been mashing on the West Coast. Cust Sayin'.

Mike Bock said...

Baker has a home run today, Willie Harris, thus far, does not.

We'll see how it works out.