Thursday, July 31, 2008

All your aging, declining outfielders are belong to Ned Colletti

Per Yahoo:

The last-place Pirates, looking for young talent, gave up their star outfielder and got reliever Craig Hansen and outfielder Brandon Moss from Boston and third baseman Andy LaRoche and pitcher Bryan Morris from the Dodgers ... etc.

Andy LaRoche, who was never even given a shot to play back-to-back games with the Dodgers, and who (like Ethier and Kemp) is cheap and under control forever, has been shipped off for two months and perhaps one post-season of Manny "headcase who is going to injure himself trying to play left field in Dodger stadium" Ramirez. What did LaRoche do that the Dodgers soured on him so quickly? Go Charlie Sheen on Colletti's wife? Without LaRoche, just what is the future at third base going to be for the Dodgers? Blake DeWitt, by all accounts, is being converted back into a second baseman. Are they actually thinking of signing Casey Blake long-term?

Even worse, they now have Andruw Jones, Juan Pierre, Manny Ramirez, Andre Ethier, and Matt Kemp all on the roster. Who's going to be benched? I'm guessing not the expensive albatrosses Colletti saddled the Dodgers with. If you're going to give up young talent (which you shouldn't), at least do something about the glut of outfielders. Well, at least the Dodgers are going to get two compensatory draft picks. Which they will likely trade away for Carlos Delgado. And the Red Sox will pay all of Manny's salary. If Manny gets hurt and LaRoche pans out, this deal is going to look like a clusterfuck of immense proportions. I'm thinking nothing short of NLCS due to Manny's bat is going to make this look palatable.

Well, NL-only leaguers, this is why you hold onto those number-one waiver picks all year. Just in case Ned Colletti does something abysmally stupid. And, AL-only leaguers, Jason Bay (headed to Boston) is worth a number-one waiver selection.


Bob Taylor said...

All I know is, I sit here in Pittsburgh as if in a dream, with a long string of ESPN commentators telling me that the big winner on trading-deadline day was us ... the Pittsburgh Baseball Club Pirates. I fear that any minute I will wake up to find Dave Littlefield is still our GM.

Mike Bock said...

The Pirates are indeed the big winner.

Also: Jason Bay should fire his agent. Why is he only being paid 7-8 millionish a year after the monstrous campaigns he had a few seasons back?

Bob Taylor said...

Karabell is on ESPN saying he thinks Hansen immediately becomes the Pirates new closer (at least until Capps returns, either in September or April). Make of that what you will. Just remember the source.